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Justin Jones

Justin Jones

VFO - Life Insurance Specialist

Justin Jones is a 20 year veteran of the financial services industry with a unique set of experiences to draw from.  After spending nearly 10 years as a wholesaler inside the walls of an international insurance company, Justin chose to leave and pursue the marketing and brokerage side of the industry.  In this role he worked with independent agents and advisors to teach them how to implement various financial products into their client retirement plans and find solutions that fit their lives.  Justin is an expert on all things life insurance.  From using insurance as a retirement plan, to all the taxable benefits to life insurance, to business uses, to premium financing and all other advanced market concepts.
Justin is currently licensed for Life, Accident and Health in the states of Georgia, Ohio, Minnesota and California.
Justin currently resides in Gwinnett County, Georgia with his wife Jennifer, their 2 children Jameson and Juliana, and their 3 dogs Louie, Vinnie and Murphy.  The Jones children are extremely active in baseball and cheerleading with Justin being a coach in Jameson's baseball program.