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Estate Planning

What will be your legacy?  If you are a young family, are you prepared if one of the primary breadwinners suffers an unexpected tragedy?  If you are approaching retirement, are your affairs in order to ensure that your estate can be properly managed due to incapacity or your eventual passing? Has someone you care about already passed on, but you need help with working through the probate process?  If you struggle with any of these questions, reaching out to our team is the first step.

We specialize in putting together a program to protect your legacy no matter your state of life.  We will perform a comprehensive evaluation to ensure:

  • You have the documents in place should you become incapacitated or for your eventual passing.
  • Your accounts, legal documents, and other assets are arranged to accommodate you becoming incapacitated or for your eventual passing.
  • You have appropriate protection vehicles to properly fund your estate plan and final wishes.