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<br/><h3>BFS-DRIP Interactive Planning Tool</h3><br/>

BFS-DRIP Interactive Planning Tool

Introducing our new interactive planning tool.  It will allow you to input everything, plan out specific goals, view all your accounts that are updated daily, and more!

You also get a secured document vault.  The files you upload to your vault are encrypted in transit and at rest, providing end to end security and protection. When you upload, we use 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption. We store your documents using AES-256 encryption. Our interactive planning tool implements strict access controls and policies to enforce privacy and ensure users can only access their files.

Bottom line, we keep your sensitive data safe and secure!

The Foundational Elements of the BFS-Dunham Retirement Income Program are the "DRIP Portfolios."

Through the DRIP Portfolios, the Dunham Retirement Income Program becomes a dynamic and adaptive program that seeks flexibility and resilience in navigating life's unpredictable financial landscape. For more information click here

Our program automatically adapts to market changes through DunhamDC, keeps a year's worth of income available with up to $50 million of FDIC insurance, and creates specialized accounts for specific aspects of your life.

Meanwhile, Dunham’s innovative investment strategy, DunhamDC, is the premier option available for DRIP portfolios.

Unaware of what DunhamDC is? DunhamDC was specifically built for the Dunham Retirement Income Program to address potential fears of investing at the “wrong time” by employing a multi-level algorithm that unemotionally rebalances during times of market extremes.
This allows DunhamDC to potentially lower volatility – giving you and your family what we believe is a better retirement experience.

BFS Ultra Checking/Savings Account

BFS Ultra Checking/Savings Account

Instead of only $250,000, insure up to $50,000,000 in deposits with our Insured Deposit Marketplace.  All of it 100% liquid.  On top of that, earn attractive interest on all the money in the account! 


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